Vintage Variation LLC offers a variety of fine wine services. Our most common business takes the form of private client advisory: we advise clients on wines to buy and sell, to drink and cellar, as well as offering valuations and approaches to deaccessioning.

We also offer wine events to fit all purposes: from fine wine dinners for friends or businesses, to tastings for private clients or wine professionals. Finally, we advise retailers, restaurants, wineries and other wine related businesses on product knowledge and maximizing sales.

Private client Advisory SERVICES WE OFFER

  • Multi-channel acquisition strategies: sourcing wines across a range of retail, auction and other sources, in the US and Europe

  • Agency: work as agent for the client, managing all aspects of purchasing, shipping and storing wine

  • Inventory management: creating and maintaining accurate wine inventories

  • Inventory analysis: identifying areas in wine collections for expansion or reduction

  • Deaccessioning advice: identifying opportunities for inventory reduction through profitable sales

  • Wine futures: advice on buying wine futures confidently and profitably

  • Investment advice: wines to buy in order to maximize long term returns

  • Storage advice: how best to store wine for convenience and to maximize value


  • Wine tastings for private clients, at their home or in restaurants

  • Tastings or dinners for corporate clients and their guests

  • Themed tastings or dinners, such as: vertical tastings (one wine or producer across multiple vintages); horizontal tastings (one vintage across multiple producers) or single region/country tastings

  • Please enquire about possibilities for tastings for charity